What are color chips?
The Original Chips are decorative color chip flakes are designed for use in a variety of decorative applications, including seamless, resinous flooring systems and multi-colored wall systems. Color chips are produced from pigments, resin, filler, and additives, are through-colored, random in shape, and available in a wide array of colors to provide unique texture and color to coated surfaces. They closely resemble thin vinyl and there is no color bleed when they become wet.

Chips are sold in 1 pound bags or cans. Bulk quantities will be packaged in one bulk bag.

Note: The Metallic chips (gold, silver, etc) are made from a pigmented mineral and are sold in 12 oz. volume not weight.(due to their weightlessness, but equivalent to 1 lb of regular chips)

Actual color chip size reference chart

 We offer a wide range of color chip colors as well as pre-made blends! All our standard chips are 1/4" in size. We also have 1/16" micro-chips available in all colors. Limited colors are available in the 1" Random size, which means they chips start off as 1", then upon mixing they get broken down so the sizes end up ranging from 1/32" to 1" in the end. At check out you will be prompted to select size: Standard 1/4" or Microchips 1/16". Microchips are sold in 1 lb. easy sprinkle cans.

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